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The Door Launches it’s New “Resiliency Hub” Initiative

Holistic community partnerships present an opportunity to strengthen the overall resilience of a community and improve public health. Multisector investment in community resilience across neighborhoods will reimagine how neighborhoods should function day to day, but especially during an event or crisis. Multisector resilience strategies can build or strengthen community readiness. At the same time, strategies must also be cognizant of incorporating existing resilience and community networks that might be valuable assets to improving resilience.

After reviewing lessons learned from the uprising during the Freddie Gray protest and the aftermath of some extreme east coast weather events, like Hurricane Sandy; Baltimore City government started an initiative to develop. These hubs would partner with government agencies and other local stakeholders to collect and distribute real-time information needed to make decisions, serve as a staging place for first responders, serve as an emergency center for residents providing food, water, and shelter, among other things.

These hubs would not just be active during emergencies. Resilient communities are prepared communities. These hubs help communities prepare for, respond to, and recover from harmful man-made and natural events.

Door Capital Improvement Campaign

Our building (built in 1900) is a solid structure but some improvements will help us better serve the community in our current and new initiatives. The funds we raise together will be used to support:
– Electrical upgrades to compensate for increased demands due to new equipment

– HVAC upgrades to support energy efficiency

– Library and media room updates

– Architectural Services to reconfigure facility to its optimal use

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Generation E4 Applications Available

As you prepare your student for school or summer activities, remember to sign them up for our Generation E4 (Education, Enrichment, Engineering, Entrepreneurship) program.  The After School and Summer programs begin in September and June, respectively, and accept applications as long as space is available. Please go to our program page for more information. Remember space is limited!

You may download an application here:

Generation E4 Application

Taking A Look Inside The Door

For over 30 years, The Door has been rebuilding Baltimore neighborhoods by transforming the lives of residents and creating opportunities for youth to succeed socially and academically.
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Hopkins Youth Partnership


The Door is excited about its Johns Hopkins Community Partnership initiative which employs doctors, nurses and other health professionals to interact with youth from the Door’s programs.
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